4 Simple Steps to Declutter and Get Organized

Happy 2022! Whew, we made it through the holidays! If you’re anything like me, the holiday decorations have been packed and stored ‘til next year. Every January, I check out all the new trends, pick a project or two and prepare to implement them. But before I start any project, I like to declutter and organize.

Decluttering may seem like a daunting task. But, if you schedule it and start simple, you’ll be surprised at how easy it can be, not to mention all the new-found space you’ll gain. My rule of thumb is if I haven’t worn it in two seasons or if it doesn’t fit (my dryer shrinks everything, LOL), or if I haven’t displayed a picture or tchotchke, or if it’s collecting dust in a drawer somewhere, it is time to donate it. Below are four simple steps to help YOU declutter and organize your home.

Schedule and start simple: It’s way too easy to put off decluttering and organizing. But, if you dedicate time on your calendar the same way you schedule your doctor’s appointment, you’ll be more likely to start your project. Don’t try to do everything in one day. You’ll get overwhelmed and likely stop. Think about your day and choose an area that frustrates you or prevents you from doing a task. It can be as simple as a junk drawer or your master bedroom closet. Once you’ve decided on your project, acquire the items you’ll need such as drawer organizers, cubbies, specialty hangers, storage boxes/baskets, shoe containers, storage furni- ture, etc., so you’ll have everything you need to make your first project a success.

Keep, donate, sell or trash:  Get four boxes or bins and label them Keep, Donate, Sell or Trash. Empty the “Trash” box regularly and take the “Donation” bin to your favorite non-profit as soon as it’s full. Since you’ve already purchased your storage baskets, furniture, cubbies, etc., you can easily organize all of your “Keep” items and put them away. List your items for “Sale” right away and if they don’t sell within a week or two, add them to your donation bin.

Reward yourself:  Decluttering and organizing isn’t usually fun, but if you set a goal and accomplish it, reward yourself. Take a walk outside, treat yourself to dinner, plan to paint your newly organized bedroom, or buy a great piece of storage furniture to help keep yourself organized. Enjoy the reward and let it motivate you to get your entire home completed. You’ll be so glad you did

Embrace a clutter-free attitude:  As exciting as it is that you’ve decluttered and re-organized, it isn’t a one-time event. Our lives are busy and things seem to accumulate before we know it. You can avoid huge decluttering projects by keeping things tidy and discard items you don’t want or need on an ongoing basis. If you can’t clear a space within 20 minutes or less, the clutter is winning. Give yourself some grace; disorganization and clutter is a common problem. Decluttering and organizing can be challenging. Interior Designers know it’s a delicate balance to keep your home looking beautiful and clutter free, but it is achievable.

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Original article from mydestinlife.com