Accessories Can Give Your Space Personality

Accessories Can Give Your Space Personality

Accessories can complete a space, give it personality, add a pop of color and complete your room. Your home tells your story in its details. Below are a few ways you can decorate a space that is uniquely YOU.

START WITH A BLANK CANVAS: When you’re ready to start accessorizing your space, start with a blank canvas. Clear everything out, except the large furniture items. It’s much easier to rearrange the furniture if that’s on your agenda. A space free of décor will help you visualize where you want to place, hang and group all of your treasures.

COLLECT OVER TIME: Collect accessories over time and select items that speak to you. Try to resist buying a bunch of items from a chain store or your space will end up looking less like you and more like a department store.

HANGING YOUR ART: We always hear “hang your art at eye level” but that depends on the height of who’s hanging the art. A good rule of thumb is to hang your artwork so its midpoint is between 57 and 60 inches from the floor. In rooms with ceilings over 8 feet, hang your artwork a little higher than 60 inches off the floor. When hanging a picture above the sofa or dresser aim for no less than 6 inches and no higher than 12 inches above the top of your furniture. My personal preference is about 8 inches.

PLAY WITH COLOR: Aside from painting, accessories can be the least expensive way to add color to your space. Decorative pillows are a great way to add color and texture to a room. I love mixing prints, fabrics and pillow shapes. Make sure to add a pop of vibrancy that speaks to you and tells a story. This can be artwork, a statue, books, etc.

MIX AND MATCH:Create visual interest by varying the textures of your objects and color. Choose accessories that vary in height, this encourages your eyes to move around the room. Don’t be afraid to mix a beautiful bouquet of roses in a less formal vessel. Kind of like wearing faded blue jeans with pearls.

ADD SOMETHING GREEN: Always add greenery in a room to give it an organic feel. It can be a live tree in the corner of your room or a small faux plant on a shelf. Fresh or dried flowers help bring an organic feel, color and personality to a room as well.

USE TRAYS: Create a grouping [example: a plant or floral, a candle and a figurine] in a decorative tray and place them on your coffee table, dresser, kitchen island, etc. Doing this will weight smaller objects and make it visually appealing.

I hope the next time you go shopping for accessories you’ll make sure it speaks to your soul and will help to tell your guests something about you or your family history. Before you purchase it, is it the right size? Will it group well with something you already have or is it large enough to stand on it’s on?

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