Can Your Outdoor Furniture Handle The Gulf Coast Elements

Outdoor furniture that can handle the gulf coast elements.


Patios are like an extension of our home. Our patio furniture needs to be able to withstand our intense UV Rays, salty air and rainstorms. Since good outdoor furniture can cost as much as our indoor furniture, it’s important to consider the materials and maintenance required to maximize your investment.

Yes, you can purchase inexpensive outdoor furniture but you’ll likely need to purchase it again and Again and AGAIN. Ultimately, you may spend more than you would have, had you invested in quality patio furniture from the start.

Wood, plastic, wicker and metal each have different needs and upkeep. Below are a few ways you can help weatherproof your outdoor furniture. However, we suggest you consult your owner’s manual for specific care instructions.

Teak Wood Furniture: Teak wood is the most popular type of outdoor furniture. It has a “living finish,” which means it will patina over time from a warm caramel color into a gray weathered look. There are many products to enrich your wood and just as many products to seal your wood. Oil nourishes the wood and sealer helps to protect it. NOTE: It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to enjoy your set for years to come.

Plastic Patio Furniture: Constant exposure of plastic lawn furniture to different elements, coupled with our humidity, makes it very prone to mold and mildew. UV Rays can break down the plastic material when it continuously bakes in the sun and makes it more susceptible to mold growth. Preventing mold on plastic outdoor furniture is possible with regular disinfecting. Molded plastic is typically thinner and susceptible to fading in the sun. NOTE: High-density polyethylene furniture is durable and requires the least maintenance.

Wicker Patio Furniture: Real wicker is timeless and is making a major comeback. While it is low-maintenance, wicker is best suited for covered areas. Sunlight can damage and break down the natural fibers. Today, wicker is (typically) a polypropylene product that can be weather-resistant. Understanding the construction of the metal frame under the wicker is key to the longevity and maintenance of your furniture. When the frame is made of steel, it will eventually rust and cause a breakdown. If the frame is made of aluminum, it won’t rust and will be much easier to maintain.

Metal Patio Furniture: You have a choice of wrought iron, aluminum and steel. Each of these metals is usually finished with a powder coat for better protection and longevity. Wrought iron and steel will naturally rust over time and should be covered when not in use. Aluminum is rust-free and is typically light and easy to move around.

Cushions & Pillows: Investing in high-quality fabric is crucial for outdoor use. These fabrics are treated at the factory level to help prevent getting bleached or deteriorated from the sun in just a season or two. Durable fabric can help to extend the life of your cushions and pillows.

Storage: A heavy-duty outdoor storage container is ideal to store your cushions, umbrellas and pillows during inclement weather and the off-season. While you may have purchased the high-end durable fabric, it will have a hard time battling the mold and pollen if you leave it outside 24/7. You should also protect your furniture by covering it with a durable, water- and UV-resistant cover. When purchasing a cover, make sure it’s large enough to cover the entire piece of furniture and check its warranty policies.

By now, I’m sure you’ve realized that not all outdoor furniture is created equal. Coastal Design by Kim can help you select the perfect patio furniture for your lifestyle. We can also provide custom patio cushions.

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