Christmas Trees: Trending Styles and Decorating Like A Pro

Classic red, white, and green Christmas tree decoration
Trendy fairy lights, glitter Christmas tree ornament

Before you know it, Thanksgiving will be over and decorating for Christmas is front and center. We all know decorating a Christmas tree isn’t always easy and they usually don’t look as good as those in the Hallmark movies. But, I’ve been practicing and picking a few of my designer friends’ brains so I can share some tips and tricks you can use to create your very own professionally decorated tree.

Before you start decorating, let’s talk about Christmas tree themes and what’s trending. Do you gravitate to the minimalist vibe, farmhouse, monochromatic, precious metals or a classic look? There’s no right or wrong and the possibilities are endless. Choose one that compliments your home and makes YOU happy.

Select a tree that has an organic, sparse feel to it. Use little to no ornaments; complimenting this look by adding minimal lights with a soft glow.

Evoke all things cozy by using lots of homespun ornaments and a bright green tree.

Choose ornaments in the same colorway, such as all silver, gold or champagne. Add plenty of fairy lights to provide a soft glow.

Precious Metals
Use antiqued ornaments in gold and earthy tones that are reminiscent to timeless keepsakes. Utilize lots of different width wired ribbons in the same colors too. Warm white Christmas tree lights exude opulence.

Glass, glitter, fun shapes, designs and sizes represent all things nostalgic and traditional. This is a great time to pull out those keepsake ornaments from your childhood too. Also a good time to use twinkling colored lights if that sings to you.

This year’s trend and color of the year is a nod to all things Barbie but in a classy way. Use a range of pink, Bordeaux and burgundy hued ornaments. Yes, they coordinate well together and look fabulous with muted silver.

Now that you’ve chosen your theme, gather everything you need before you start decorating. Having everything you need will reduce stress and allow you to get into your decorating groove. Let’s get started!

Fluff and Shape
Both an artificial and a real tree need to be fluffed and shaped. Ruffle those limbs, bend to fill them in and trim pieces that seem out of place on a real tree.

Before you string the lights on your tree, plug them in to ensure they’re in good working order. This goes for pre-lit trees, too.

Combine Large and Small Ornaments
Start hanging your larger items first. Tuck them a little deeper in the tree to create the illusion of depth. Smaller ornaments look better when they’re hung on the outer edges of the branches. My favorite way to add interest is to cluster a few ornaments together by using a large ornament hook and adding two to three ornaments in varying sizes to one hook.

Wired ribbons are like ornaments and they’re easy to shape and style as needed. As mentioned earlier, use different sized and textured ribbons so you can layer them.

Tree Picks and Sprays
Fill in the gaps with tree sprays and picks. They bring another texture and visual interest. Pending your theme, you can use flowers, pinecones, berries, crystals or pearls. Be creative and choose a few different designs to compliment your tree.

Tree Topper
Topper’s are like icing on the cake. A star, an angel, bows, florals or a combination of a few items. The possibilities are endless; just make it a wow factor!

Tree Skirts or Collars
The final touch is surrounding the bottom of your tree stand with something that coordinates with your theme. A traditional tree skirt comes in many sizes and colors. Collars are becoming wildly popular and can be customized to complement your style.

My hope is that you’ve been inspired to add some creative touches to your tree this year but if you’d rather hire someone, I can recommend the best tree-trimming stylist around! Cheers and Happy Holidays to you and your family! Coastal Design by Kim is a full-service interior design company.

Contact Coastal Design by Kim by sending a message or calling (850) 904-6622 our team can help YOU bring beautiful, functional designs to life! Remember, the beauty of the holiday season lies not just in the decorations, but in the joy and warmth they bring to our homes and hearts. Happy tree decorating!