Decorating your Home for the Fall

Dining table decorated for fall
Dining table decorated for fall

Fall marks the transition from summer to winter and with any luck, it will bring us some cooler temperatures. Whimsical Pumpkins on the porch, wreaths draped with autumn leaves, and a chunky throw adorning the sofa are all classic fall favorites. Below are a few ways you can decorate your home for the fall season with a twist on the classics.

Create holday curb appeal with a porch scape. You can decorate with pumpkins and gourds in various sizes, corn stalks, potted mums, sunflowers or magnolias, bails of hail to create height variances, battery-operated lanterns and other seasonal props. This idea works even if you don’t have a porch, simply decorate the walkway up to your front door or if you have double-doors stage your porch scape in the corner of the door you don’t utilize.

We’re familiar with the standard orange, yellow and red colors that are used for fall, but this year try utilizing natural, rich tones like shades of brown and deep greens. Add in a few blues and creams as a nod to where we live. While these colors may not be your traditional fall colors they will deliver a pop of sophistication to your space without overpowering it. However, if you prefer using the standard fall colors, by all means, do so but try incorporating a few other colors like the white, off-white or gray-ish fairytale pumpkins and a few
brown and dark green leaves. I’m pretty sure you’ll love the outcome.

For a cozy feel, layer chunky cable knit or boucle throws, and textured and velvet pillows to your favorite chair or sofa. Adding a combination of any of these chunky, textured fabrics will quickly transform any space into a warm welcome feeling. For a less traditional color scheme try using muted plaids like a lavender and cream pillow with a solid aubergine throw or a coastal blue-green and cream throw with a jade or evergreen pillow.

Using bold colors and fun patterns shows off your personality and adds life to any space. Paint an accent wall in a bold color or add a fun patterned rug or pillows to a room. You don’t have to invest a lot of money in these items since they will be used for a short period of time, but they sure add an unexpected “pop” while on show.

Fall is a perfect time to gather with friends and family before we’re inundated with a hectic holiday schedule. Using candles or essential oils in a fall scent provides an instant feel of coziness. Pre-set your dining room table with linens, fall foliage and candles, but I suggest you use unscented candles when eating. Adding a fall-colored hand towel and scented hand soap quickly transforms your powder room too.

Counter decorated for fall

While our weather isn’t always fall-friendly, we can still create a fall atmosphere despite our temperatures. When you choose to decorate for fall is totally up to you, but I like to start transitioning my home early so I can enjoy the fall decor before jumping into Christmas (it’s the Friday after Thanksgiving for me).

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