Does Your Fifth Wall Make a Statement?


When decorating or remodeling your home, don’t forget about the fifth wall – also known as the “ceiling.” The ceiling is a key component in any room, and if you ignore it you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to create a little drama to this wide-open space. When I see a plain white ceiling, I see an opportunity to make a statement.

Painting and decorating the ceiling isn’t new. Think of the ceilings in the Sistine Chapel or the Pompeian Baths. Structural elements such as exposed beams, heavy arches, sunken panels and carved rosettes are ceiling elements that were heavily used in the Renaissance period. The Baroque periods brought an ornate style to the ceiling with heavy bas-reliefs and garlands.

About 200 years ago, southerners painted their porch ceilings a light sky blue and we’re still implementing that tradition today. When I was young, my Granny said it was to prevent the wasps from making a nest. Others say it wards off evil spirits. Whatever the reason, sky blue porch ceilings are pretty to look at, especially when you go the extra mile and have airy clouds painted on them.

We’ve seen a recent resurgence in painting and wallpapering our ceilings, yet board and batten, wood elements and molding features have quickly risen to the forefront too. Below are a number of ways you can add depth and create eye candy on your ceiling.

Paint a striking color on the ceiling. You can add a bold splash of color to brighten the room or use black to create a moody vibe. If you’re afraid of a bright or moody color, consider using the same color of your room – just lighter with a ratio of 80 percent white to 20 percent color. This can help make your ceiling feel higher and your space a little larger.

If you can’t bring yourself to skip the 50 shades of white, consider using Textured paint on your ceiling. Adding texture helps to mask any imperfections and can add dimension and interest to a large room. We’ll talk about another texture option with wallpaper below.

Molding, Board and Batten and Wood features are all classic, timeless choices for your ceiling. From curvy design moldings, to tongue and groove, shiplap and my favorite board and batten, they’re all creative ways to bring an attractive, high-end look to your room.

Ceiling Medallions create a mood and bring character to your room. It’s a classic choice with a beautiful chandelier installed in the center of it. Medallions can be made of wood, metal or plastic composite and come in a variety of shapes and styles. They’re no longer looked at as a traditional decor.

Adding Wallpaper to your ceiling is a confident move that adds color, pattern and texture to your space. Bold florals, metallic prints, vertical stripes and grasscloth papers can add contrast and interest to your ceiling. The unexpected pop can make a big impact on your foyer, dining room, living room or powder room. A serene color and pattern is great for the bedroom and it’ll give you something beautiful to look at when you open your eyes in the morning.

Your space can go from average to stunning with a creative ceiling. It’s all about balance and Coastal Design by Kim is here to help you with all of your interior design needs. Contact us today at (850) 904-6622 or via email at