Fooling the Eye: How to Make Your Room Look Bigger

Do you ever feel like your room is too small or your furniture is crammed in your space? When your footprint is small, everything in the room matters. With a few cleverly placed items and good design choices, you can actually fool the eye and make your room look bigger. Color, furniture, mirror placement and lighting are a few key factors in perceiving a larger space.

Tip 1: White It Out. We all know the color white is reflective. It will make your room look bigger and brighter. Consider painting your walls and ceiling the same shade of white. This will allow your eyes to flow throughout the room and creates the illusion of a higher ceiling. There are many shades of white you can select from to prevent your space from feeling too cold and uninviting. Adding a little warmth is easily achieved by in troducing a few wood (furniture) and texture (rug) elements.

Tip 2: Show a Little Leg. Using the right furniture is key to making a room look bigger. Choose a sofa and chairs with exposed legs. This creates an open airy feeling. Multi-functional furniture, such as a chest that can double as a coffee table, a sofa bed, nesting tables and an expandable dining table are all good choices.

Tip 3: Mirror Mirror on the Wall. I am a huge fan of mirrors. Not only are they decorative, they create a sense of openness. With proper placement they also reflect light and create a view, once again fooling your eye into feeling there’s more space.

Tip 4: Light It Up. Natural light is great and opens up the interior of any room. Don’t get discouraged if your space lacks natural light. Adding a few different lighting effects is easy. Lamps in key places, can lights or an overhead fixture or two with a dimmer switch will make a huge impact in your space.

Tip 5: Cut the Clutter. Now is the time to channel your inner Marie Kondo and get organized. Nothing makes a space feel more cramped than too much stuff. Neatly arrange things that are in full view, and store items out of site that aren’t regularly used. Minimalize what goes on your walls too. One large picture, painting or mirror is much better than the gallery look, and it helps to create a focal point.

Tip 6: Easy Breezy Fabrics. Avoid heavy fabrics that will steal your light and add weight to your room. Linen is a perfect fabric for a light and airy curtain. If privacy is a factor, linen drapes can be layered over blinds. Make sure to use a curtain rod that extends at least 6-8 inches beyond your window frame, so you can fully expose the window, allowing the light to brighten your room.

Fooling the Eye: How to Make Your Room Look Bigger

My best advice is to keep it simple. The more pieces, possessions and patterns you have in a room, the more cluttered it will feel. Avoid too many tchotchkes, busy patterns and overwhelming colors. Keep it simple. Group
your keepsakes in one area so it looks intentional (one shelf), limit your busy patterns to throw pillows or a chair and if you need color make it an accent wall.

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