Mixing Metals in Your Space Like a Design Pro

Bathroom interior design with mixed metals

Mixing metals used to be a major faux pas, but not anymore. There are no rules that say every finish has to match. So, here’s a suggestion: Don’t be overly matchy. For me, the magic happens when you mix metals. It creates visual interest, is more stylish and helps to make your space unique. Below are a few tips to help you pull off a winning combination of metals.

Don’t Pick Too Many:
Select one finish to be the star of the show, while the other finish plays a supporting role. If your space is large enough, you can add a third finish. But, you have to use it sparingly. Start by selecting a metal that reflects the overall aesthetic of the room. A good balance is 70/30, meaning 70% of your pieces should be in your dominant metal and 30% should be a supporting role. If you chose three metals, you should follow a 60/25/15 ratio

Mixing Warm And Cool:
Contrast is key! You can mix a brushed brass (warm) with a polished nickel (cool) or matte black (neutral), brass/gold (warm) and polished nickel (cool). When you mix metals make sure they don’t all have the same finish or they’ll compete for attention. The mix of warmand cool along with antiqued, matte, satin, brushed or polished (yes, there are that many inishes to select from) keeps it interesting and allows your eye to move around the room with interest.

Examples of metals with warm undertones and cool undertones

Be Deliberate:
When mixing metals, it needs to look intentional. Create harmony by strategically placing your metals throughout the
space. For example, in the kitchen you use large matte black pendant lights with gold accents, your sink faucet is polished nickel and your cabinet hardware is gold. The star of your show is your pendant lights (60%), the supporting actors are the gold hardware (25%) and your polished nickel sink faucet (15%), together creating an intentional, balanced look.

Add Texture To Your Mixed Metal Game:
Texture can make all the difference in a space with mixed metals. For example: In a bedroom, you have a black (matte) iron bed, a gold (polished) chandelier and brass hammered (textured) lamps. When you combine matte,
polished and hammered finishes, it visually creates an inviting space.

Cleaning & Upkeep:
Some metal finishes require more cleaning and upkeep tha nothers. For example: Black shows water spots more than some of the other finishes. Brass tends to tarnish and copper will develop a patina over time. Make sure you read manufacturers cleaning recommendations to ensure your purchase will fit into your cleaning routine.

There is a method to the madness of mixing metals and finishes. If you feel daunted by the process, contact Coastal Design by Kim at (850) 904-6622. We can help you achieve a look that compliments your home and is uniquely YOUr’s.