Timing is Everything: ‘Tis the Season to Renovate

Whew! We made it through the summer madness. The kids are back in school and our overnight company and guest bookings have begun to dwindle. Dreaming of a renovation project? Now is a great time to start.

Once you’ve made the decision to remodel, you’ll need to select an interior designer and a contractor to get the ball rolling.

The best advice I can give you is to check their credentials. Make sure their license is current and insurance is valid.

One of my favorite sayings is “plan your work and work your plan.” Every project requires the following steps be completed to ensure the project is delivered on time and on budget, without crucial mishaps:


This will an-swer some of the all important questions such as “What will it look like?,” “How much will it cost?,” and “How long will it take?” This process should consist of drawings, preliminary shopping for finish materials (cabinets, counter tops, etc.), accurate pricing, and a timeline of the project. This initial phase may take six-eight weeks.

Design Development:

This phase sets you up for success with your timeline and budget. By knowing all the details, you can accurately schedule the project, determine an appropriate start time, pre-order materials and secure the subcontractor labor needed for the job to complete on time. This will take about two weeks.


This phase includes the time from initial application submission to the time the permits are received, which typically takes about two months. Every town is different and time may vary.


Once permitting is completed, construction can begin. The time frame will vary, based on the scope-of-work. Your specific timeline will be based on the plan your contractor provides you at the beginning of the project. Once permits have been received and items are ordered, demo and construction will begin. Below are suggested time frames based on remodeling major areas within your home.

Whole House:

The duration of a whole house remodel depends on the scope of work and generally takes four-six months. If you elect to live on property while the work is being done, additional time may be required to complete the project.

Full Kitchen Remodel:

Generally, when the kitchen is gutted and everything is replaced without adding square footage it will take approximately eight weeks. With most kitchen remodels, the scope of work extends to additional areas such as the dining room, family room, removing a wall to open up the space, etc. and can add an additional two-four weeks.


Similar to the kitchen, when everything is being replaced, it can take six-eight weeks.

Interior Painting:

Depending on the size of your home and the scope of work (walls, baseboards, crown moulding, doors, patch and prep, etc.), it can take anywhere from a few days to two-plus weeks.

Window Coverings:

Depending on what you select (drapes, plantation shutters, bamboo shades, etc.) it can range anywhere from three-eight weeks.

Furniture & Artwork:

If you’re lucky enough to love a piece that’s available in the store it could likely be delivered within a few days. These days, when ordering upholstered furniture, it can take up to six months and maybe even longer. Sigh.

In today’s climate, there are many things that can cause project delays such as weather, product availability and labor. Indecision also plays a huge factor in delays. Hire your interior designer in the beginning stages so they can work with your contractor, guiding you to make the perfect decisions.

Proper planning and partnering with the right Interior Designer and Contractor allows you to embark on your renovation project, creating your dream space or attracting more renters for your income property.

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