Tips & Tricks to Enlarge Your Bathroom

Is your bathroom cramping your style? Does your bathroom feel like a closet? We’re sharing some of our frequently used tips that will help visually enlarge your bathroom. The following tricks just might improve your morning routine too.

Declutter: Every successful project starts with decluttering. Clear it out, all of it! Keep your essentials, things you use every day, and store them in containers, stacking trays, baskets, etc. Optimize space by storing larger items and things that are rarely used elsewhere. If you don’t have a linen closet, you can store your bath linens in a decorative basket on a shelf in the bedroom closet. A set of linens can be kept in each bedroom.

Play On Height: If you’re lacking floor space, you can visually add height to your bathroom by installing shelves. You can also suspend the furniture for more room. A vanity that’s hung off the floor with a shelf below provides additional storage. Even toilets gain height with a suspended version. When you have suspended furniture (vanity) and fixtures (toilet) it provides an open look and makes it easier to clean.

Glass Doors and Shower Curtains: Glass provides a clean, open look, but if you don’t want to showcase that area you can use a shower curtain. I highly recommend you hang a lightweight, light colored fabric shower or window curtain up to the ceiling. This elongates the look and won’t weigh down the bathroom.

Use Light/ Soft Colors: We all know that light colors give the illusion of a larger space. White walls and ceilings are always a safe bet, but you can also choose a light color such as gray or off-white. Pops of color can be added by using a colored vanity or a floor covering. This will add character and show off some of your personality.


Tone-On-Tone: Since light colors are preferred in small spaces, there’s a trick you can adopt to add color without using a pop of color. You can impose your style with a color and use varying shades/tones of that color. Using one color in different finishes is trending and offers a very serene feel.

Select An Extra Large Mirror: Mirrors are a must in the bathroom. Take advantage of this and go big, really BIG! Choose an extra large mirror that will reign supreme in your space and visually enlarge the bathroom. You won’t be sorry.

Lighting: After plumbing, lighting is the most important feature in your bathroom. If you have a window, you’ve got the added bonus of natural lighting. If you’re not that fortunate, you’ll have to make a bigger effort to acquire the proper lighting fixtures and bulbs. You’ll need general overhead lighting, and don’t forget the bath/ shower area. Adding wall lights above or wall sconces on each side of the mirror helps to avoid those dreaded shadows. The new LED lighted mirrors are also an option if you’re limited on wall space.

These tips and tricks will help to revive your bathroom. Choosing the right colors and materials can be tricky. Coastal Design by Kim can help you enjoy your space again. Contact us at (850) 904-6622 or via email at