What Does Your Front Door Say About YOU?

Before you open your front door to welcome your guests inside (or shoo away the unwanted solicitor), you’ve already made your first impression. Yes,your front door is your first impression to all who knock. Your front door makes a statement. It should reflect YOU and compliment the overall exterior of your home.

Wait! Before you run outside to assess your front door color and your neighbor’s, you should consider what story you’re telling the world about YOU. Did you know that colors have meaning? Here’s where “What does your front door say about you?” comes into play.

Let’s take a stroll down the color spectrum and see what your front door says about your personality.

A red front door is one of the most common colors used today, aside from white and brown. Throughout history a red door has meant “Welcome” no matter where you live.

A blue front door is associated with “prosperity and abundance. A darker blue door, such as Navy, projects a sense of “peace and elegance.”

A front door that’s painted/stained in a light brown shade says you’re “warm and re- liable,” and a darker brown tells everyone you’re “private.”

A bright yellow front door says you’re “confident and curious.” White A white front door tells everyone that you’re “organized and serene.”

An orange front door radiates “excitement” and says “you’re ready for a new challenge.”

A black front door symbolizes “sophistication, power and authority.”

A green front door can be associated with “money, ambition and growth.”

A purple front door tells your neighbors that you’re a LSU Fan. Just kidding, but it does let them know you’re “open-minded.” A darker purple, such as aubergine or eggplant, is associated with “royalty and wealth.”

A grey front door is associated with “Intelligence,” but also can come across as stand-offish. It all depends on the shade you select.

An aqua front door radiates an uplifting sense of “friendliness,” like us Destin Life readers.

A bright lime/chartreuse front door attracts “attention,” and lets everyone know you’re living an “exciting life.”

A coral/salmon front door says you’re “nurturing, affectionate and cheerful.” You may even be a “hopeless romantic,” which is NOT a bad thing.

After reading this article, does your front door fit your personality or are YOU ready for a color change? There are so many color options to choose from, but it should be in a hue that will also be complimentary to your home. Undecided about what shade to select? Scared to take that leap? Sometimes you just need someone with a keen eye for color and Coastal Design by Kim is here to help YOU. (Don’t be afraid to buck the trend in your neighborhood, but do get HOA approval if required.) Be the house with the WOW factor. Your curb appeal is counting on YOU!